Flight Instruction

Learn to fly in San Luis Obispo / the Central Coast with Hangar 46!

Flying Free over the Coast!

Learn to Fly!   HANGAR 46 has been providing safe, customized, and flight training in San Luis Obispo since 1989.  Learn to fly in SLO –  get your flying career underway today.  You can get  your  Private Pilot’s License, or if you’re already a private pilot, start working on advanced flight training.   You know you have always wanted to learn to fly a plane.  Begin your flight instruction now!   Contact Us Today and we’ll setup a customized program – just for you.

Or, if you’re looking for refresher training, a currency review, or to do a biannual review, Hangar 46 is here to help.

  • Private Pilot (VFR Rating)
  • Instrument Training (IFR Rating)
  • High-performance Airplanes
  • Instrument Training
  • Complex Airplane
  • Multi-engine Airplane
  • Flight Instructor Training (CFI, CFII)
  • Airline Transport Pilot Rating
  • Bi-annual Flight Review
  • Refresher Training

Key advantages of learning from Hangar 46

  • Small, personalized instruction
  • Closest flight school to Cal Poly & Cuesta Colleges
  • Most experienced Instructor in the San Luis Area
  • No cattle-car mass-training approach – just careful, one-on-one instruction at YOUR pace

Contact Hangar 46 and begin your journey to the sky today!